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Fearadh na fáilte. Celtlink is a community, open to anyone, created for those who love a wide variety of the aspects of the Celtic culture, or want to learn and share what they know about it. Each week, a new link with a Celtic subject will be posted with a briefing of the link's content, and through comments a message board will be created to discuss the topic of the week's link. Any member is welcome to suggest new links in a post or comment. There will also be a weekly posting of a downloadable mp3 file from a featured Celtic music band. Accounts of visits to Highland Games and Gatherings, Irish festivals, Celtic music fests and concerts, or any of the Celtic nations themselves are also welcome. Here we can bask in the glory of All Things Celtic.

Yoda at the grave of Irish poet W.B. Yeats

Join under one condition: That you promise to share, learn, discuss, and thoroughly enjoy yourself.
Any questions or comments can be directed towards the moderator of this community, elderwood.

When you join, you are welcome to tell us a little bit about yourself. Who are you? How did you become interested in the Celtic nations? Is your heritage Celtic in any way? Have you any hobbies related to Celtic culture?

Please feel free to promote our community either in your user info, a journal entry of your own, or anywhere else you see fit. Copy and paste the text from the boxes below to promote celtlink:

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