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This week's links and mp3 [Sep. 29th, 2006|10:53 pm]
Celtic Links


[music |O'Rourke's played by Paddy Keenan and Tommy O'Sullivan]

This week's mp3 is played by an uilleann piper by the name of Paddy Keenan. To download this week's mp3, click here. Scroll past the advertisements until you see the blinking orange arrow.

This week's links have nothing to do with the uilleann pipes, however! (If you would like to read about the uillean pipes, refer back to this post.) Instead, this week we will focus on a highly ignored part of the Celtic culture-- Welsh rarebit!

Welsh rarebit, also known as, simply, "cheese on toast", is literally just that. The cheeses most often used in rarebit are Lancashire, Chedder, Double Glouscester, and Red Leicester. Rarebit is made by grating a choice of cheese, and then mixing it with a bit of butter and milk (in some cases, even batter beer). Then, the mixture is added to a slight amount of mustard and spread on top of a toasted piece of bread, at which point it is grilled in the British fashion. It is said that Welsh rarebit was first known as "Welsh rabbit", and that over time it was slurred and turned into "rarebit", though there is no clear origin for the use of rarebit as opposed to rabbit. The Welsh name for rarebit is "caws-wedi-pobi", though it is also sometimes called "caws ar dôst".

In the film When the Clouds Roll By, there is a scene in which a main character has a nightmare due to Welsh rarebit, and there have also been numerous comics drawn by Winsor McCay in which characters have Welsh rarebit induced nightmares. To read more about Welsh rarebit and to find recipes, click here and here.

[User Picture]From: elderwood
2006-10-02 06:33 am (UTC)

Re: myunk

Wonderful! I love Lunasa very much. I will certainly re-upload the Boys of the Lough tomorrow after school for you and put it in the next post.
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